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FAQs About Our Bookkeeping Services

  1. Do you work remotely?
    Yes, we offer in-person and remote services.
  2. Can you help me with my QuickBooks and Quicken?
    Yes. We offer tutoring classes for QuickBooks and Quicken.
  3. Do you offer tutoring?
    Yes. We offer QuickBooks and Quicken tutoring classes.
  4. Do you do income taxes?
    No, we don’t. We prepare tax-ready reports, but do not file taxes.
  5. Should I hire a bookkeeper, or can I do it on my own?
    Hiring a bookkeeper helps you focus on what you do best. It helps you organize your information, helps you with your budgeting, and helps you make better decisions. It also helps you track your profit, and when it comes time to do your taxes, you will have accurate information. 


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