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About Us

Founded in 2002 by Kimberley Enyart, the owner and operator of Bookkeeping & Secretarial Services, our company offers top-notch bookkeeping and secretarial services. Kimberley has an extensive background in corporate administration and small business accounting and management, which spans over 15 years. She is also a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and has a wealth of expertise in individual and small business bookkeeping, catering to clients locally and remotely. 

Kimberley established Bookkeeping & Secretarial Services with a mission to provide our clients with exceptional service that surpasses industry standards. We value your privacy and guarantee complete confidentiality in all our dealings. With a keen understanding of your needs, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Your best interests are always our priority, as we work in partnership with you to help you achieve your financial and business objectives.  

Bookkeeping & Secretarial Services provides local service from St. Lucie to Palm Beach County and virtual service nationwide and internationally. We invite you to learn more about our business and why you should choose us. 

Kimberley Enyart


"Kimberley has been handling my bookkeeping for a couple of years now and she does a great job! I'm so pleased to be able to hand over this area of business. I used to dread doing my bookkeeping as it would take me a few hours each month just to get everything reconciled. Kimberley does it all so much faster than I ever could and at the end of each year she gets everything ready for me to hand over to my accountant … making my life so much easier! If anyone has any questions about working with Kimberley please feel free to contact me directly via my website and I'll be happy to answer them for you."
"Kim Thomas is an answer to my prayers. As a small business owner with only basic knowledge of book keeping I was constantly challenged by all the deadlines and work necessary to keep the records for my business. Working with Kim has brought me a deep sense of relief. She keeps me current and accurate with all my business's accounts and reporting. Her integrity and professionalism are stellar. I cannot recommend her services enough."
"Kimberley has restored my peace of mind in just two sessions, after months of struggling with different "experts" who created chaos in my personal Quicken files. This was quite upsetting for me, since in my work as anesthesiologist requires no mistakes and precision at all times.

She skillfully navigated through months of clutter with great patience, determination and resourcefulness. I am truly and totally impressed and now look forward to our sessions, knowing that all will be well. I highly recommend Kimberley Catanzaro as an amazing and competent young lady, who quickly removed a major source of stress for me. Never hesitate to call or e-mail me if there is anything I can do to reassure you or for Kimberley to promote her success."
"Kimberley has been handling my bookkeeping since 2011 and she has been great! I used to try and do my books, but it took me hours each month just to get everything reconciled. Kimberley does it faster and I don't have to worry that it done correct. Kimberley is very diligent, thorough and a fast learner, she was able to pick up our proprietary accounting software very quickly. She also puts together our year end to give to the accountant, which has been a great relief! Thank you!"
"Kim from Bookkeeping and Secretarial Services is extremely knowledgeable with Quick Books online! I was totally lost and my QB online was really messed up! She is a whiz! She won't stop working until she fixes the problem and she has the patience of a saint. On top of that, she is very professional and gets the job done! I would highly recommend her! Thank you, Thank you Kim!"